Top rated Greetings sms collection part2

Greeting SMS: 11
 "God Bless U"is such a litlle prayr but it means so much. It means may d Lord with His gracious hands give u more den u hv prayd for ! God bless u:

Greeting SMS: 12
 Whatever is warm & inspiring, whatever means most to you, whatever makes you smile & brings you joy thatÂ’s what I wish for U

Greeting SMS: 13
Instead of feeling inferior because someone else can do something you cannot do, concentrate on what you can do that others cannot.Best wishes

Greeting SMS: 14
 Sometimes, life gets so busy that we could not find time to say "Thank you" to someone who has been so nice and wonderful. "Thank you!"

Greeting SMS: 15
 Hey, good morning! Rise and shine! As you open your eyes to greet the morning sun, I wish that you would be well and fine.

Greeting SMS: 16
If you can fly, run. If you can run, walk. If you can walk, crawl. But whatever you do... Keep on moving towards the goal u seek to achieve. BEST WISHES

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