top Greeting sms 2012

Greeting SMS: 54
 Worst thing in life? Someone has tears in eyes because of U. And the best thing? Someone has tears in eyes for U.

Greeting SMS: 55
 If through ur window there is a new day breaking, thank God for the promise, though mind & soul be aching

Greeting SMS: 56
 Do u know the relation between smile & ur face? Ur face luks gud with a smile but smile luks better when it's on ur face... Keep Smiling. Gud Day

Greeting SMS: 57
 Wake up & wink those teeny weeny eyes. Stretch those inzy winzy bones, wear that jolly winning smile & tell urself today is a beautiful day. Gud Morning.

Greeting SMS: 58
The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling & even more beautiful is knowing that u r the reason behind it. Be a reason for others to smile.

Greeting SMS: 59
 With petals of Roses, Palm full of Holy water, Light of Full Sun, Fragrance of Flower and Grass with dew, I wish u a very special Good Morning.

Greeting SMS: 60

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