Greetings sms collection part4

Greeting SMS: 28
 Don't waste your time with jealousy. Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes behind. The race is long and in the end its only with yourself. Best wishes

Greeting SMS: 29
 wh eva get ur attention will get u.the more u think about smthg, the stronger it takes hold of u. defeat bad though wit clear thinking. My Best wishes

Greeting SMS: 30
Never be like the hand that crushed theflower but be like a crushed flower which leaves fragrances in the hands who crushes it. BEST WISHES

Greeting SMS: 31
 D worlds most happiest person nvr gets all d best things arnd them. they jus make d best of wat they get.. Best wishes

Greeting SMS: 32
 Luck is yours, wishes are mine. let ur future always shine. Best of Luck!

Greeting SMS: 33
 May u be What u hope to b,See all u want to see..Do all what u want to,May ur every wish comes true.

Greeting SMS: 34
 Dont get rest after a success. People say ur previous victory as a luck in ur next failure.. Keep on working.. success is always best wishes

Greeting SMS: 35
 All you need in the life is ignorance and confidence and then success is sure. Good luck.

Greeting SMS: 36
 "Luck is not in your hand. But work is in your hands"."Your work can make luck But Luck can't make your work".So always trust yorself than yr luck......

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