Greeting sms 2012 collection

Greeting SMS: 61
 Night is given by God to forget today's bad experiences & actively wait for tomorrow's challenges. Gud Night and wish u all success in ur challenges!!

Greeting SMS: 62
 The more u count ur blessings, the more blessings u'll have, to count! I always do & I count u as the nicest blessing! God Bless u each day!

Greeting SMS: 63
 Cheerful people are like Sunlight. They shine in to the corners of the heart & offer bright mornings & fresh hopes. Gud Morning to one such person.

Greeting SMS: 64
If ur eyes r sweet u wuld like all the people of the world but if ur tongue is sweet all the people of the world will like u.

Greeting SMS: 65
 Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes everyday a dream of happiness & every tomorrow a vision of hope. Luk well, therefore to this day.

Greeting SMS: 66
Be a diode to remove -ve thinking, a transistor to amplify the Character.... a resistor to drop Bad habits, and a capacitor to store Good thoughts.

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