Thousand of Good Morning sms collection

Good Morning SMS: 36

Wakeup & Wink those Teeny Weeny Eyes. Stretch those Inzy Winzy Bones,Wear that Jolly Winning smile & tell urself today is a beautiful day...

G@@d M(:)rning....

Good Morning SMS: 37

All mornings are like Paintings:-U need a little inspiration to get going,a little smile to brighten up & SMS from someone who cares to color ur day...G@@D M@RNING.....Hav a Nice Day..

Good Morning SMS: 38

As the sky breaks into a beautiful Sunrise ...may GOD open the window of heaven to shower U lots of blessings...Good Morning...

Good Morning SMS: 39

Today’s Thought: Try hard to get what u like (or) you will be forced to like what u get… Keep smiling always it increases ur face value… Good Morning and Have a terrific day…

Good Morning SMS: 40

Treat everyone with politeness, Even those who are rude to U.....Not b"ecause they are not nice,But bcoz u are nice....!!!**Good morning**

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