Sending you lots of smiles from across the miles

Happy SMS: 23

Sending you lots of smiles from across the miles to with you a Happy new year

Happy SMS: 24

Happy new year to you,

I know its a bit early to wish,

But I’ve to wish so many beautiful and sexy people

So I thought I’d finish off with uncles and aunties first.

Happy SMS: 25

A new year is unfolding

Like a blossom with petals curled

Tightly concealing the beauty within.

Wish you happy new year

Happy SMS: 26

Before the old year is gone

Before the sms are jam

Before the net is busy

I wish you all the best

Happy SMS: 27

You cannot be everything to everyone

No matter how hard u try

Just do the very best u can

As each day passes u by

God will be with u

Happy SMS: 28

Happiness keeps u sweet

Trials make u strong

Sorrows make u humble

Success keeps u glowing &

God keeps u going.

May u have a wishful life

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