Read happy sms If u want something u hve never had

Happy SMS: 13

If u want something u hve never had,U must be willing 2 do something u hve never wishes

Happy SMS: 14

Da willingness 2 listen,

Da patience 2 understand,

Da strength 2 support,

Da heart 2 care & just 2 b there.

dat is da beauty of a lady!

Happy SMS: 15

Open ur eyes so the sun can rise

Flowers can blossom

birds can sing

Because all r waiting to see ur beautiful smile.

Good Morning!

Happy SMS: 16

A special smile, special eyes, special look & special someone.

All these means that you are a special friend for me.

Good morning.

Happy SMS: 17

Long after our anniversary and this greeting has been thrown away think of the thought behind it, each and everyday, Happy Anniversary Lover!

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