People will always throw stons in ur path: Happy SMS

Happy SMS: 08

People will always throw stons in ur path.

It dpnds on u wht u mke frm it, A WALL or BRIDGE...

Ur decision will chnge ur life..!

Have a great Day :-)

Happy SMS: 09

Some1 misses u,

Needs u worries abut u,

Is lonely without u,

Cares abot u.....

& wants u 2 know. dat he Luvs u.....

Happy SMS: 10

Today I pray da

Happiness b at ur door

May it knock early

Stay late & leave da gift of Allah's

Peace, love, joy & good health behind

May u remain happy all da time

irrespective of any occasion

Happy SMS: 11

My wishes r silent bt true,

Every where thy will follow u,

Luck is urs, wishes r mine,

I wish ur present & future will always shine.

Happy SMS: 12

When GOD drops needles & pins along ur path in LIFE, dont stay away,, instead pick dem up & collect dem..thy were designed 2 be STRONG! My best wishes

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