Never Blame any Day In Your Life: happy SMS

Happy SMS: 59

What is the fastest thing on earth??







Ans: Prayer

Bcoz it reaches god even before u say it…!!!

Happy SMS: 60

Late Bed Wakings,

Slight Breakfasts,

Bus stand figures,

Foot Board Travels,

Late Attendance,

Long intervals,

Sharing Canteen Foods,

Many Proposals,

Mobiles in Silent mode,

Late night Chats,

Some misunderstandings,

Correcting Friends,

For exams micro slips,

Struggle for marks,

Prestige in arrears,

Mass Bunk,

Saturday movies,

Enjoying Arguments,

Freshers with fear.

Farewell with tears.

“College life is nothing but heaven”.

Exclusively youth.

Happy SMS: 61

The biggest suspense of life is:

We know for whom we are praying but…..

We never know the person who is praying for us…!

Happy SMS: 62

Devote time to enjoy: It’s the secret of youth.

Devote time for friends: It’s the path to happiness.

Devote time to Love and be loved: It’s the source of pleasure.

Happy SMS: 63

Midnight coffee,

Long chat,

Birthday bumps,

Bunking classes,

Crush on pal,

Fight marks,

Tears 4 love,

Just every thing,

People call it college.

We call it life…

Happy SMS: 64

Cute Feelings:

My Hand never pain

When Typing msg for u,


My Heart Always pain

When there is no reply from U….!

Happy SMS: 65

Never Blame any Day In Your Life.

Good Days Give You Happiness.

Bad Days Give You Experience.

Both Are Essential In Life.

All Are God’s Blessings.

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