Largest collection of Good Morning sms

Good Morning SMS: 26

Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes everyday a dream of happiness & every tom a vision of hope. Luk well, therefore to this day.

Good Morning SMS: 27

five steps for a LOVELY MORNING

Close ur eyes, Take a deep breath, Open ur arms wide,Feel ur heartbeat, & Say " Its too early. Let me sleep


Good Morning SMS: 28

Gud morning....Kindly observe SILENCE 4 2 min in the memory of those poor mosquitoes who died last night

after sucking ur blood.THANK

Good Morning SMS: 29

The sun had rised from the east & birds r singing happily & butterflies R around the flowers. It is time to wake up & give a big yawning & say gd morning to u..

Good Morning SMS: 30

It makes me so happy, this is what i m gonna do, Send a good morning sms right back to youuu, Good Morning my Friend, HAVE A BEARY GOOD MORNING.

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