If I loose you my Heart will blast: Happy SMS

Happy SMS: 90

Sacred Heart,

Your sweet art,

In my eyes I did craft,

With my blood I made draft,

I am your part from past till my last,

If I loose you my Heart will blast.

Happy SMS: 91

Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles.

For smiles can be given to any one but tears are only shed for people we love.

Happy SMS: 92

Don’t always take things in their literal sense.

Like When Dr says take off ur clothes.

When dentist says open wide.

When milkman says u want in the front or in the back.

When interior Dec say once it is in you’ll luv it.

When banker says if u take it out soon you’ll lose the interest.

When the phone guy says would u like it on table or against the wall!

Happy SMS: 93

If someone throws a stone towards u,

Throw love towards him/er but if someone throw love towards u,

Then sit for a while & think coz love hurts more than stone.

Happy SMS: 94

Try to make four things in your life

1. Mind which never minds.

2. Heart which never hurts.

3. Touch which never pains &

4. Relation which never ends.

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