I love you. Good Night: Free thousand of Good night SMS

Good night SMS: 46

Gooooooooooooood Niiiiiiiiiiight………..

Good night SMS: 47

Dream touches your heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you'll have the sweetest dream tonight... Good Night!

Good night SMS: 48

Take care! The texts you send me night and day like jewels in my heart they stay...And so to God I always pray the best of blessings be yours...Each day & Night.

Good night SMS: 49

My day won't certainly be over for I have something left to do. I just couldn't sleep yet without saying I love you. Good Night.

Good night SMS: 50

Touch ur heart, close ur eyes, make a whish, say good nite, sky so wide, stars so bright, off the light, sleep tight

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