A Friend Worth Keeping Till The End. Good Nite.

Good night SMS: 36

I Live By Faith & Not By Sight .. So Whether I See U Or Not, Talk To U Or Not, I Know That U R Still The Same, A Friend Worth Keeping Till The End.... Good Nite.

Good night SMS: 37

When nights r long & friends r few,I sit by my window & think of u,A silent whisper a silent tear,With all my heart i wish you were here.

Good night SMS: 38

Hi Moon!!!Dim Ur light...Hello Wind!!!Breeze Soft...Hi Flower!!!Blossom Slowly.Hello Earth!!!Spin Gently....'coz My sweet friend is going to sleep....Good Night.....

Good night SMS: 39

A special face,a special smile, a special someone, a special hug from me to u, a special person, I found in u, Sweet Dreams, Sleep well!

Good night SMS: 40

can u do something for me? go to the window....look to the sky***can u see the stars? can u count them ? this is how much i miss u and even more !!!(***good night)

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