Be Honest while you reply. Good Night

Good night SMS: 16

Hey u!!!

Hey u!!!

Yes u...

the cute one...

holding this


are you asleep?

Juste wanted 2 say

Good Night..!

Good night SMS: 17

hi,i know u r sleeping i dont wand to disterb u.but this "beeb beeb" is my sweet kiss.i wil give it keep in touch

Good night SMS: 18

May be u are busy or tired by the end of the day, just wana tell you 143, GOOD NIGHT before I sleep

Good night SMS: 19

Despite the Old saying "Don't Take Your Troubless & Worries To Bed" Most of the People still sleep with their wives!!!


Good night SMS: 20

Name 3 characteristics 4 me out of

1. Arrogant

2. Sweet

3. Egoistic

4. Lively

5. Playful

6. smart

7. Honest

8. Shy

9. Confident


Be Honest while you reply. Good Night

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